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About Naomi

Naomi's Home Made

Naomi’s homemade (NGR Grubs) is your one-stop spot for all your culinary needs. From top-notch spices to finger foods to healthy drinks to yummy, tasty meals to healthy packaged food stuff… We’ve got you covered!

We deliver all orders right at your doorsteps. We also handle your catering needs in the most perfect way possible. Did you know? We’ve got a special kind of mastery for West African meals! No, we’re not bragging. That’s just how we roll 🙂

Packaged Foods

We pride ourselves in our sumptuous meals and special homemade recipes, packaged, specially for you. We guarantee a finger-licking experience at all times... Yes we do!

Fresh Bottled Lemon Juice

Healthy Drinks

From our flavoured hibiscus drinks to our healthy juices, we're not just interested in what you eat, we want you to have a taste of flavour mixed with vitality... Always!

Outdoor Catering

We know sometimes, you need professional catering services for your outdoor events. We know you don't just want catering, you also want quality. We've gotchu!

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